Cheese, healthy? This is why it is so tasty!
You have probably heard of cheese already. That hard stuff people use to consume. But what exactly is cheese, is it healthy or unhealthy, and more importantly: is cheese even real? You can read it all and more in this article.

What is cheese?
Cheese is real! And not a myth. Cheese is a dairy product made from milk. Cheese consists of proteins, fats and minerals. In the vast majority of cases, the product comes from cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk. Furthermore, cheese is also made from buffalo, horse, camel, reindeer and yak milk. Cheese is usually used as a spread on bread as a condiment to add flavour to a dish, such as pizza or spaghetti.

Is cheese healthy?
Very healthy! Cheese contains a lot of vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin B2 and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium and zinc. Cheese also contains protein, fat and little or no carbohydrates. Anyone who does not consume milk or milk products, has to do their best to get enough of certain nutrients, such as calcium and vitamin B12.

What is the nutritional advice for cheese?
It is recommended by The Nutrition Centre for young and old to consume dairy products daily. Although the recommended amount differs a little per age group. Most adult groups are recommended to consume approximately 300 to 450 grams of milk (products) and approximately 40 grams of cheese per day.

What is the best way to store cheese?
The cheese farmer himself can (by waxing the entire uncut cheese) store it outside the refrigerator for up to 6 months! But for the "non-cheese farmers" among us:

In general, it is recommended to store cheese in a closed container such as cheese paper or foil in the refrigerator. The cheese will have a shorter shelf life outside the refrigerator and will mold more quickly than cheese that is kept in a cool place. At temperatures above 20 degrees the cheese will start to ‘’sweat’’, and we don’t want that!

Plenty of cheese at Simonehoeve
Simonehoeve cheese is immediately available in various types and sizes from stock. This makes the cheese suitable for as many people as possible. In addition, it is also possible to see how the cheese is made and taste the cheese yourself! At our family business you can discover how cheese and clogs are made through a free guided tour. You can even try walking in clogs in our store and tasting our delicious cheeses. This is possible 365 days a year, and no reservation is necessary! Visit Simonehoeve for an authentic Dutch experience, where various workshops and arrangements are offered. We are open 7 days a week all year, and wheelchair accessibility is taken into account. Simonehoeve can easily be reached by bus from Amsterdam, Volendam and Hoorn because the bus stop "Hotel Volendam" is only tens of meters from our Store. Or feel free to come by car/touring car through the free parking in front of the store.

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