Farmer’s cheese making workshop

 From €35,00  From 1 per

You will be welcomed in the workshop room where you will be given an introduction to “farmer's cheese” and its making.
You will then make cheese under supervision.
Once the cheeses are under the press, you will receive a guided tour of the cheese farm and clog factory.
During this tour you can taste all types of cheese, try a glass of fruit wine and taste typical Dutch cookies.

After the tour, the cheeses can be removed from the press.
These very young cheeses then receive a little treatment before you can take them home.

Total duration approximately 3 hours.
A shortened program of approximately 2 hours is also possible.
For a larger group, from 16 people, you will receive a discount.
Is your group smaller and you still want to make cheese? This is possible if another group also follows the cheese-making workshop that day.
Feel free to ask about the possibilities.

If you would still like to attend the workshop, it will cost:

- 1 person   €231
- 2 persons €115.50 p.p.
- 3 persons €77.00 p.p.
- 4 persons €57.75 p.p.
- 5 persons €46.20 p.p.
- 6 persons and more € 38.50
-From 16 persons € 35.00

If the group later turns out to be larger, you pay the price depending on the size of the group.
From €35.00 p.p. 
You can also do the workshop in pairs


Introduction and workshop Making Farmer's Cheese
Guided tour
Completion of workshop
Farmer’s cheese making workshop
Farmer’s cheese making workshop
Farmer’s cheese making workshop
Farmer’s cheese making workshop

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