Making Farmhouse Cheese

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Want to experience for yourself how cheese is really made? Follow the Making Farmhouse Cheese workshop and learn the craft of cheesemaking.

In the workshop room, our cheesemaker will tell you more Farmhouse Cheese and the production process of this delicious product. After the introduction the time has come to have a go at making cheese yourself!

When your cheeses are under the press, you will be given a tour of the cheese farm and clog factory.
During this tour you can taste all types of cheese, try a sip of local fruit wine and taste typical Dutch biscuits.

After the tour, the cheese can be removed from under the press. This very young cheese is vacuum sealed before you can take it home. It is possible to eat the cheese fresh or let it ripen at home.

During an individual workshop you will make one cheese per person. During a workshop in duos you will make make one cheese as a couple, so half a cheese per person.

Total duration: about 2.5 - 3 hours. A shorter program is possible, please contact us for more information.

Want to join a workshop?

Is your group small and do you still want to make cheese at an affordable rate? This is possible if another group also follows the cheese-making workshop that day. Feel free to ask about the possibilities.


Introduction and workshop
Tour through the farm
Last treatment
Making Farmhouse Cheese
Making Farmhouse Cheese
Making Farmhouse Cheese
Making Farmhouse Cheese

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